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Marx 2019 is meant to be a meeting place for everyone inspired by Marx or taking Marxist theories as a point of departure in their research, authorship, political thinking and activism. Contributions can however communicate with other theoretical, political and organisational traditions than the Marxist as well.


Proposals can be sent to us as collective arrangements, typically of minimum three involved individual contributors. You are free to suggest the form and content of the arrangement, that should last for 60–120 minutes. One possible form is an academic-style session, based on papers and individual presentations, followed by general discussion. It could also be organised as a workshop, a panel discussion, a round table, or any other form you find suitable. You will take the full responsibility to organise the arrangement, including recruitment and contacts with participants, as well as the actual implementation of the arrangement if the suggestion is accepted.

We ask you to send an abstract of 300–500 words, where the following should be included: title, suggestion for format, length, language (a Scandinavian language or English), as well as a general descriptive summary of content and theme: theoretical context and description of participants with brief description of their (if relevant) individual contributions.


Please send your abstracts no later than 31st March 2019